Zerotier: Easy and Flexible VPN

Zerotier has established itself as a revolutionary VPN solution, prized for its ease of use and flexibility. Offering unparalleled expertise in virtual private networks, it enables even the non-tech savvy to connect devices and services securely and efficiently. This article explores how Zerotier can be the key to unlocking the networking potential of enterprises, presenting solutions for various usage scenarios, from Mikrotik to Docker, and how it can facilitate secure remote access for devices such as Raspberry Pi and systems such as pfSense.

Integration with Mikrotik

The integration of Zerotier with Mikrotik devices opens a wide range of possibilities for companies seeking to expand their networks in a secure and scalable way. Through this combination, robust VPN connections can be created that enable simple and effective network management, ideal for those who need reliable remote connections without compromising security.


Management through My Zerotier

My Zerotier offers an intuitive platform for network management, allowing users to create, configure and monitor their VPNs with ease. This tool is critical for maintaining total control over one's network while ensuring accessibility and security of corporate data, critical elements for productivity and success in business.

Network identification with Zerotier Network ID

Each network created with Zerotier receives a unique Zerotier Network ID, which serves as a key for secure access. This ID is essential to ensure that only authorized devices can connect to the network, providing an unprecedented level of security and personalization for enterprise communications.

Raspberry Pi and Zerotier: secure connections

Zerotier's compatibility with Raspberry Pi makes it extremely versatile for IoT projects and remote applications. Users can easily deploy secure networking solutions on Raspberry Pi devices, ensuring encrypted and reliable connections for sensitive data and business communications, without the complexity typical of traditional VPN configurations.

Docker meets Zerotier

Use in Docker environments greatly simplifies the creation of virtual networks for containers. This synergy allows the network capabilities of containers to be extended in a secure and flexible manner, supporting the development and deployment of applications in distributed contexts, an increasingly pressing requirement in today's digital age.

Zerotier and pfSense: a winning combination

Finally, integration with pfSense offers a powerful solution for creating customized VPNs. This pairing is ideal for companies seeking to establish secure handoffs for network traffic by combining Zerotier's versatility with pfSense's robust firewall and routing capabilities.


In conclusion, it emerges as an extremely effective VPN solution for modern businesses, offering a wide range of features that facilitate network management in diverse scenarios. Its ease of use, along with the ability to integrate with a variety of platforms and devices, makes Zerotier an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to optimize their network infrastructure in a secure and flexible manner.

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