About us

Tesseract Technologies operates in the IT, ICT and TLC sectors for companies of all sizes.


information technology

Design of hardware and software solutions capable of meeting business needs in specific sectors. Software development, hardware and software management, software interfacing, virtualization, containers, Managed Service Provider (MSP) services, and Network Operations Center (NOC).


information and communication technology

Creation of the necessary infrastructure for data exchange within intra and extra corporate communication. Solutions include firewalls, site-to-site and roadwarrior VPNs, SD-WAN, datacenter, and aggregation.


internet service provider

TLC operator with regular General Authorization issued by MISE and registration with ROC. Capable of providing internet connectivity over various technologies, VoIP lines, and mobile telephony. We offer solutions for VoIP PBXs, VoIP numbers, connectivity, and IoT SIMs.

Our headquarters, in nature

"Nature shines, even when surrounded by darkness." Jean-Paul Malfatti

Our offices

Our offices are located in Crevacuore, a small village in Italy between Valsesia and Valsessera. We are just a few minutes from the A26 Romagnano Sesia - Ghemme motorway exit and about an hour from Milan and Turin.

The work environment

The decision to keep our company in Crevacuore allows us to create a pleasant and dynamic work environment, where the colors and scents of the seasons accompany our days. Our offices are located in nature, where even our animals are welcome and enliven the days.

Our team

Our team is made up of young and flexible people, highly specialized in their field and capable of handling any request. Continuous training is a very important and ever-present constant for all staff.

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Who is already working with us

Professionals and firms

Small and medium enterprises

Entities and public administration

aruba business

Attention to ecology

Our suppliers are selected not only for their reliability, but also for the positive impact they have on our planet. We have always chosen partners who use renewable sources and avoid waste, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our values

Direct contact, personal knowledge, and trust are fundamental for excellent collaboration.


The products and services we offer are designed to bring benefit and innovation to the company. Therefore, they must be durable and extremely reliable.


In our work, trust is fundamental as we handle a large amount of data. We treat all data with the utmost confidentiality. Every operation is recorded and encrypted in our systems to ensure maximum security and transparency.


We are experts in collaborating with other companies in our sector, including installers and electricians. During the design phase, if the client wishes, we also involve the company's internal staff to ensure an optimal and coordinated distribution of tasks.


We minimize energy and material waste. We collaborate with suppliers who use renewable sources and limit packaging. This commitment is real, not greenwashing.

We work worldwide

A high-performing method and reliable collaborators for comprehensive coverage

Local installers and technicians

We collaborate with highly selected installers and technicians throughout Italy, ensuring quick and timely interventions while always maintaining direct and personal contact with our company. This allows us to offer high-quality service and respond promptly to our clients' needs.

Remote monitoring and interventions

Our company has elevated remote monitoring and intervention techniques to a very advanced level, allowing us to prevent and resolve issues promptly and cost-effectively, often avoiding unnecessary trips.

Direct contact, never call centers

Regardless of the client's size, we always respond directly, never providing the typical call center responses. Each client has their dedicated point of contact within our company.

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